Mini Miss Tasmania 2017

I’m back darlings! After my long break due to large amounts of assignments and commitments, I’m feeling more inspired than ever!

To start this post, I’d like to say that 2017 has been a year of exciting events and pushing myself out of my comfort zone. This year, I joined Sue Rees Modelling and Deportment academy to undertake their elementary course, which after graduation I was lucky enough to be invited back to their Post Graduation course. These courses have given me loads of opportunities to learn about various topics within the modelling industry and has built my self confidence.

Mini Miss Tasmania was one of those opportunities, if I hadn’t been in those courses, I wouldn’t have jumped at the chance to enter this event. Mini Miss Tasmania is an annual pageant for ages 4 to 18. This year, I entered in the formal, interview and photogenic portions of the competition and I was so privileged to be crowned queen of my age group (14-18 years). This competition was so worth while and I’ve met some amazing people along the way.

A special thankyou to the organiser of the event, Grace, and the amazing photographer on the day! I had an amazing time and cannot wait until next years pageant.

Hope you all enjoyed this post and the photos of the event,


Sophie xo



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