Hello lovely people,

So continuing on with my skincare theme, I thought I’d share with you some products that I completely adore and use constantly. I am absolutely obsessed with LUSH (just as much as I’m obsessed with Riverdale and Cole Sprouse) and can not ever get enough of the amazing products LUSH have to offer!


They offer beautiful smelling, natural and handmade products at reasonable prices that can do wonders for all skin types, and its 80% vegan and its fully cruelty free! Now, as I have sensitive but combination kind of skin, I use a variety of products to help with my personal type of skin, these products may be a massive help to you or no help at all. I’ve always had a great experience while in LUSH stores, especially in my home town of Hobart, the friendly and helpful employees are filled with knowledge and are more than happy to help!


Lets get on to the haul!



Cupcake & BB Seaweed fresh masks


I love these facemasks because they are both so calming to my sensitive skin and they smell amazing! I use ‘Cupcake’ when my skin is more on the oily side, as it helps to control oils in the skin, soak up unnecessary oil and calm breakouts, if you have incredibly dry skin, I wouldn’t suggest using it, but its perfect for oily skin or combination skin if, like me, you sometimes feel your skin is more oily than usual.

The BB Seaweed mask I only just purchased recently, and its perfection! It’s a hydrating, skin softening and brightening facemask, with antibacterial properties like honey in it to help sooth and prevent breakouts. I use a face mask once a every week or two, as you need to give your skin a break every now and again.


Hair Custard & Popcorn Lip Scrub



Both these products are absolute beauties! Obviously, like all LUSH products, they smell freakin amazing! Hair Custard fights static and adds moisture to your hair, without weighing it down. The Popcorn Lip Scrub is one of my all time favourites, between that and the ‘fairy floss’ flavour of the lip scrub, you can never go wrong! The lip scrub gently exfoliates your lips and leaves you with beautifully soft lips.


Intergalactic Bath Bomb



I do apologise for the ‘half used’ look, but I do seriously adore this bath bomb. It looks like a mini galaxy in your bath, with refreshing smells of peppermint.


The Comforter Bubble Bar & The Big Blue Bath Bomb



So by now I’m sure you can tell I am a massive fan of LUSH and their incredibly good products, especially the scents. These last two are just as amazing, The Comforter Bubble Bar has a slight blackcurrant fragrance and is basically like a sheet of bubbles in a bath. The Big Blue Bath Bomb has seaweed and sea salt, which helps to exfoliate, soften and hydrate the skin.


I hope you enjoyed this LUSH haul today, remember to like and follow me if you’d enjoy seeing more posts like this!



Sophie xo


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