Ashy Bines Squad Event 2017!

Hey lovely people!
On Sunday I was lucky enough to attended an event called Ashy Bines Squad! Now for everyone who doesn’t know who Ashy Bines is, she’s an amazing health and lifestyle youtuber, I definitely recommend you go check her out if you haven’t already! 
Sunday’s event was amazing, and for Hobart, it was massive, because we usually get missed out when events like that tour. The event was a fitness and workout based event, Ashy’s vision for the tour was to bring together like minded girls in cities that can work together to complete their goals and motivate each other on the way. 
The energy of the event was crazy! It was super high energy and so motivating, to be able to workout with like minded women who have similar goals to me, to feel comfortable and amazing in their own skin, it was so inspiring! The one hour event included a full body workout with cardio, aerobics, arms, abs and my favourite, booty and legs, with awesome music and a fantastic atmosphere, it was an awesome hour workout and was so worth going, even though I was definitely a bit sore the next day. We got free goodie bags, which included my favourite fake tan, Bondi Sands, and I also purchased a ‘squad’ top. 
I hope you enjoyed this post, please like this post if you enjoy and would like to see more fitness related posts!

Sophie xo


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